EV Parking

Rent2Park offers hosts the option to list their EV charging spaces for drivers who need a quick charge while on the go!

Quick & Easy EV Charging

Rent2Park is proud to offer EV charging options for our EV drivers and hosts. With our growing network of EV charging stations across the US, you can benefit from a convenient and reliable source of charging for your EV. Less time searching and more time on the road!

Extensive Network

As a driver, enjoy more options for charging your EV across the US. As a host, make a nice side income and interact with a large community of EV drivers that is growing every day!

Environmentally Friendly

Contribute to positive environmental change for a better future. As more communities swap to EVs and charging possibilities expand, you can benefit from a more clean and earth-friendly community.

Affordable Rates

Save more by utilizing EV charging stations from Rent2Park hosts. We offer competitive rates to EV drivers looking to get the most out of their EV without breaking the bank.

Why choose Rent2Park?

Expansive EV Solutions

We offer a variety of EV charging solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. From installing a charging station on your property to partnering with an expansive network of charging stations, Rent2Park has you covered.

EV charging station for electric car in concept of green energy and eco power produced from sustainable source to supply to charger station in order to reduce CO2 emission .

Flexible EV Platform

Enjoy a streamlined process for locating and listing EV charging stations through the Rent2Park app. Built for usability, Rent2Park utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer a modern platform that fits your EV charging needs.

Increased Host Income

As an EV charging host, you can benefit from a unique pool of drivers and support your local community. It’s as easy as downloading the app, listing your EV charging space(s), and watching as your side income grows!


Frequently Asked Questions

You can book an EV charging space quickly and easily using the Rent2Park app!

How to book an EV space

First, download the app here.

  1. Use the search bar to find EV listings near your intended or current location.
  2. If hourly – choose your arrival and departure time.
  3. If monthly – choose your arrival date.
  4. Use the interactive map to locate the perfect EV space for your needs.
  5. Click “Book now”.

After booking a space, you will receive a confirmation and can view your booked space at any time via the app.

You can track all of your current listings from your dashboard. Along with notifications, you can view information about your listings including the date posted, current drivers booked, and the rating of your space.

We treat your privacy with care and never share your data with any third parties. Visit our privacy policy page to learn more.

Have a different question? Visit our FAQ page here.


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