Become a Host

Rent2Park offers hosts/space owners an easy way to earn a steady side income by renting out their parking spaces.

How you can earn as a host

Become a Rent2Park host by listing your driveway, garage, or land and earn $400 or more a month with your unused space. Get started today!

Your Data in the Cloud

Rent2Park uses cutting-edge technology and modern security measures to protect your data. You can rest easy knowing that we never share your data with third parties.

Flexible & Convenient

List any parking spaces you have and accept drivers on your own terms for a smooth experience that fits your needs and location, all from the comfort of a single platform.

Intuitive App Design

From creating listings to interacting with drivers, Rent2Park offers you an intuitive platform to make some extra money, hassle-free.

Why become a host with Rent2Park?

Competitive Rental Rates

Rent2Park’s pricing is competitive with other brands, helping hosts attract a larger group of renters and increase their total income. We value the success of our hosts and aim to offer solutions that fit your needs.

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Reliable Reservation Management

Effortlessly view and update reservations and enjoy a secured booking process that brings both hosts and drivers peace of mind. Built for usability, Rent2Park offers a robust variety of features and tools to make your experience a reliable one.

Customizable Listings

From daily commutes and work meetings to concerts and spontaneous trips, search for parking spaces by location to meet all of your needs. Rent2Park makes it easy to get your custom listings out there with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can rent out a parking space quickly and easily using the Rent2Park app!

How to rent out a space

First, download the app here.

  1. Choose “Create a new listing”.
  2. Fill out the listing to include location, requirements, details, times, and more.
  3. Press the “Post” button to create the listing for drivers to find.
  4. Check back to see when drivers reach out to use your space.

Any driver on the app who can benefit from your parking space can use it, with your permission of course!

As the owner of your space, you can accept any drivers to park there through the Rent2Park app. The process is quick and simple, visit our FAQ page to learn more.

During the process of creating your listing, you can specify a few details that will help to attract the right type of drivers to your space. A nice picture, exact locational data, and the type of parking space are all great details to include for a knockout listing.

You can track all of your current listings from your dashboard. Along with notifications, you can view information about your listings including the date posted, current drivers booked, and the rating of your space.

We treat your privacy with care and never share your data with any third parties. Visit our privacy policy page to learn more.

Have a different question? Visit our FAQ page here.


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We never share your personal information with anyone. View our Privacy Policy for more information.