Meet the Team

Yohan Alcide

Yohan Alcide

Founder & CEO

Yohan Alcide is the Founder and CEO of Rent2Park. With over 15 years of experience in community development and entrepreneurship, Yohan’s drive to make a positive impact led her to create Rent2Park. Her vision for a seamless parking experience and her determination to solve a common pain point have propelled Rent2Park’s growth. Yohan’s expertise in business development and her commitment to innovation drive the company forward as it revolutionizes the way we park and charge our vehicles.

The idea  for Rent2Park first came to her in 2017 when she made up her mind about downsizing and moving into a van or RV in the upcoming 2018/9 year, but when she would tell friends and family of her idea to liven a Van the question would always be where would you park?

This led her to question herself and the idea of rent2park as a pair to pair parking solustion. It later, took her a few years to follow through and commit to the app and in April 2021 Rent2Park Inc was born.

They say the best idea’s come from solutions to problem’s that need fixing.

Jackson Cuevas

Jackson Cuevas

Lead Developer

Jackson Cuevas is a highly accomplished mobile and full-stack software engineer with a reputation for designing and deploying cutting-edge software applications. He stands out in the industry for creating solutions that not only meet project requirements but frequently exceed client expectations. With an exceptional ability to decipher complex problems, Jackson implements robust and quality solutions that are backed by his fervent passion for software design, innovation, and collaboration.

A nimble learner, Jackson has consistently demonstrated his ability to enhance features within projects, identifying opportunities to add value where others may overlook. His leadership is characterized by a steadfast commitment to timely project delivery. He fosters a spirit of teamwork among his colleagues, encouraging a cohesive and dynamic working environment. This collaborative approach is balanced with a relentless pursuit of surpassing organizational objectives, displaying a drive that inspires those around him.

Wholeheartedly committed to innovation, Jackson always maintains focus on the successful and efficient execution of all project tasks. His dedication to both quality and functionality showcases his unique blend of technical prowess and strategic thinking. Whether leading a team or working on individual initiatives, Jackson Cuevas embodies a modern engineering professional who can be relied upon to produce not just workable solutions, but technological artistry. His influence within the tech community continues to grow, making him a sought-after name in software engineering.

Kristifor Milchev

Kristifor Milchev

Senior Full Stack Developer

Passionate about Free Software and Innovation, I am a seasoned software developer with a profound commitment to open-source principles. With a diverse background in roles spanning various technologies, I hold a deep belief in the collaborative power of transparent, community-driven software development.

During my tenure as Lead Developer at LinkSync Global, I orchestrated projects using C#, Core, Solidity, Flutter/Dart, and more. Beyond crafting innovative products like an Ethereum Virtual Machine-based 2FA solution and a comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet, I led teams, nurtured innovative ideas, and guided software architecture. My experience also includes contributions to the Flutter framework, leveraging its capabilities to create user-friendly and dynamic applications.

At PestSense, I partnered with Sensavation’s founders, contributing to groundbreaking pest management software and facilitating the birth of Pestsense. I optimized IoT platforms, introducing accurate bait consumption algorithms for rodent boxes, embodying precision in every aspect.

As a Senior Developer at RTT International, I contributed to automated trading systems, harnessed payment integration with Stripe, and designed intuitive UIs. Additionally, my role at EssayMaps involved transforming HTML templates into word documents, simplifying educational processes.

With foundations at The House Software Company and TechnoLogica, I honed skills in systems development, UI design, and database management. My capabilities also extend to DevOps, Linux system administration, and project management.

Proficient in C# .NET, ASP.NET Core, JavaScript, Flutter, SQL Server, and more, I am committed to promoting open-source values, collaborative innovation, and community-driven development in every endeavor.

Enthusiastic software developer with expertise in diverse areas DevOps, Linux system administration, and agile management. Extensive experience in orchestrating seamless software development lifecycles, ensuring robust deployments, and optimizing system performance. Adept at fostering efficient collaboration between development and operations teams.

William T. Foncham

William T. Foncham

Full Stack Developer

Immersed in the vision of Rent2Park, William Foncham is a dedicated full-stack developer, finds his passion ignited. To him, it’s more than parking – it’s a chance to infuse vitality into the everyday. William envisions a world where parking transcends convenience, becoming a unique and personal experience.

In his role at Rent2Park, William utilizes his full-stack expertise to shape ingenious solutions that not only ease commuting stress but also reshape interactions. By fostering a give-and-take dynamic between “parkers” and “parkees,” he contributes to creating a realm where both reap rewards. This resonates deeply with William, who sees the potential to transform routine into art.

Every day, as a key part of Rent2Park’s collaborative haven, William witnesses innovation merging with technology. Here, diverse minds unite, with his full-stack contributions helping to surmount challenges and bring ideas to life. In this environment, parking evolves from necessity to a harmonizing force amidst urban chaos.

As Rent2Park’s influence spreads across industries and communities, William’s commitment intensifies.

Together, as we shape progress and redefine urban living, he states, reaffirming his dedication to a future empowered by technology and human connection.